23.09.13 Caribbean Bay korea Price, ticket, dress code, Shuttle, opening hours

“이 포스팅은 쿠팡 파트너스 활동의 일환으로, 이에 따른 일정액의 수수료를 제공받습니다.”

Hello. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Caribbean Bay where I went recently.

This post was written with the latest information as of September 13, 2023, so it would be good to refer to it when you go out to play.

I will mainly explain Caribbean Bay Korea price, ticket, dress code, shuttle, opening hours, etc., which you often search when you go to Caribbean Bay.

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Caribbean Bay

Caribbean Bay, as its name suggests, is based on the Caribbean Sea area during the Great Navigation Period, which was also the heyday of pirates. So most of the names of the ancillary facilities are derived from Spanish.Also, all the decorations and attractions give a Caribbean feel to suit the theme. Background music tailored to this theme also gives a Caribbean feel.

Caribbean Bay Price, Ticket

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As of September 13, 23, the price of Caribbean Bay is set at 55,000 won for all-day passengers and 44,000 won for postmark/pathway tickets, and 47,000 won for afternoon pass and 36,000 won for postmark/pathway tickets.

The price on the Caribbean Bay website is a little higher without a discount.

Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket office at the entrance to Caribbean Bay, so you can get information such as discounts from the staff in charge.

If you want to use it at a lower price, it would be good to select and use the discount items that apply to you from the special promotion on the website.

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You can also purchase a pass through Naver reservation. We recommend you to make a reservation on Naver because you can use it more cheaply and conveniently at the price with the special promotion on the website.

If you buy an afternoon ticket at Caribbean Bay, you can also enter Everland, so you can use it together.

Caribbean Bay Naver Booking

Caribbean Bay Supplies, Dress Code

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We don’t need a lot of Caribbean Bay supplies, and if you want to use a locker, we recommend an outdoor wave locker.
The indoor locker requires a fee of 5,000 won, but it has the advantage of being able to use a large locker,
Instead of using a slightly smaller locker, you can use the outdoor wave locker for free if you have a 500 won coin.
If you want to use an outdoor wave locker, make sure to bring a 500 won coin.

Although there is an employee in the facility who exchanges coins with ATM devices, it would be more efficient to take them in advance.

Another thing to prepare is aqua shoes.
The bottom of Caribbean Bay is a little bumpy and has more dirt-like debris than expected, so the soles of your feet can hurt, so aqua shoes or other types of slippers will be a must.

Aqua shoes are sold in the facility, and the price is quite burdensome at 25,000 won, so it is sold at low-priced stores such as Daiso as a summer product, so it would be good to refer to it.

And the rental fee for life vests is 8,000 won per person, which is a price that cannot be ignored.
If you go to the water often in the summer, it is more reasonable to buy a personal life vest.

A swimsuit and a swimming cap are essential for the dress code, and it is okay to use comfortable clothes and hats that will not come off even if they are not.

Caribbean Bay Shuttle

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The Caribbean Bay shuttle bus service is free of charge and pick-up is provided at the parking lot from time to time.

There is a shuttle bus stop in the parking lots 1 through 4.

Please note that this shuttle bus runs between Everland and Caribbean Bay, so there may be confusion.

When you arrive by shuttle bus, you will get off at Everland entrance, and Caribbean Bay will be located on the right side of Everland entrance.

It’s difficult to find the entrance for the first time because there’s no sign, so it’d be good to know.

Caribbean Bay Food

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Kind of a restaurant in Caribbean Bay.

You may choose your favorite food and visit, and your body temperature may decrease after playing in the water, so you may want to find warm food such as fish cake.

I visited a burger restaurant called Melting Soul at the bottom, which was launched by singer Kim Tae-woo and chef Lee Won-il.
The price range was a little burdensome because a single burger was formed in the early 10,000 won range, but the taste was very delicious.

However, as the price range was burdensome, menus such as fish cake soup and whole squid tteokbokki at the Lacosta store attracted more attention.
I felt a little sorry that I couldn’t eat fish cake soup or squid tteokbokki because it was a warmer menu to maintain body temperature.

The Lacosta store also sells draft beer. The price range was around 10,000 won, and the draft beer you drink while playing in the water was so delicious.

There were many other stores, but the Harbour Snack was closed, so I couldn’t check the menu or anything else.

Caribbean Bay Opening hours

You can check the usage time of Caribbean Bay in detail on the website.

The usage time may change depending on the situation on the site, so it is essential to check before you go out.

The indoor hours are from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m,
Outdoor use hours are from 11 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Please check the usage time and play in various rides or water sports spots.

Caribbean Bay Opening hours Site

Today, I posted about Caribbean Bay that I visited recently.

Even though I only bought an afternoon ticket to Caribbean Bay and visited, I enjoyed the equipment enough, and I also enjoyed eating and playing in the water.

If you buy an afternoon ticket, you can also use Everland, but it’s a shame that you couldn’t use it because you weren’t physically fit and the time was late at night, but if you can use both, you’ll be able to have a good time.

Thank you.

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