1. Advantages of Korea travel and tourist attractions and food recommendations

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“이 포스팅은 쿠팡 파트너스 활동의 일환으로, 이에 따른 일정액의 수수료를 제공받습니다.”



Hello! I’m going to start posting about Korea travel from today.

Before we begin, I would like to recommend the advantages of traveling to Korea and various places and foods!

The advantages of traveling to Korea are full of various and attractive factors. This has the following advantages:

The treasures of culture and history

Korea boasts a long history and rich cultural heritage. You can experience unique Korean culture through traditional food, clothes, art, music, etc. In addition, Korea has various cultural sites such as historical sites, palaces, and temples, providing a great attraction to travelers interested in history and culture.

케이팝 광화문

Photo Source : Gwanghwamun, Hanbok, K-POP


A variety of food cultures

Korea is famous for its world-famous delicious foods. You can taste various side dishes, Korean traditional food, stew, etc., including kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap, and tteokbokki, which are representative foods of Korea. Also, Korean street food culture is very rich, and you can enjoy local food at atmospheric restaurants and traditional markets.


Photo Source : Bibimbap, Kimchi, Bulgogi


The beauty of the natural scenery

Korea is famous for its beautiful natural scenery. It has various topography such as mountains, valleys, coastline, and islands, so you can enjoy various activities such as hiking, hiking, and beach recreation. Also, there are various national parks and nature reserves in Korea, providing a good environment to enjoy and explore nature.

대관령제주도?src=http%3A%2F%2Fblogfiles.naver.net%2FMjAyMzA0MDhfMjIw%2FMDAxNjgwOTM1MjcyMzU0.W9KmSXxka3Lbst7xL51mNfHZXCkL8OXwDuCR8Q2OCMUg.bAdM0NR8R9vA CKGDyDg23O8dvfnF7SK6Z4XMt5v5u0g.JPEG.unesco114%2FScreenshot 2023 04 08 at 15.27.15

Photo Source : Daegwallyeong, Jeju Island, South Sea Coast Road


A modern city and shopping paradise

Korea is known for its modern cities and various shopping paradise. You can enjoy modern architecture, commercial streets, shopping malls, and department stores in various cities, including the capital, Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island, and Daegu. Korea is also known as the center of global fashion and beauty trends, so you can enjoy various shopping-related activities.

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Photo Source : Department Store, Hongik University Entrance, Gangnam


A convenient transport system

Korea is convenient to travel systems because it is convenient and developed transportation system.It is easy to move between cities and subway networks, so it can be easy to move through various traffic means such as buses and taxi and taxi to connecting airport and city.

Photo Source : Train

Besides this, Korea is also famous for its safe travel environment, friendly people, and various festivals and cultural events. Korea is known as a wonderful travel destination that provides unique charm and various experiences, and is loved and visited by many people.

So far, it has been a posting related to the advantages of domestic travel and various tourist attractions and entertainment.

Thank you!

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